About BioManCO

BioManCO stands for bio-morphodynamic modelling of mangrove-mud coasts. In other words, we investigate which factors drive the evolution of mangrove coastlines.  And we’ll use that knowledge to build a design tool (a numerical model) to plan future restoration efforts.

To develop this model, we first needed to research how mangroves are influenced by physical processes (like local waves) and by biologic processes (which limit how mangroves can adapt to different physical factors). We consequently travelled to Demak, Indonesia, to conduct field experiments that would help us understand the dynamics of mangrove systems.  You can find more about our research study and the background of our project in the following link:


Right now we are analysing the data we have collected during the last years. With that scientific knowledge we will help develop guidelines to protect and restore mangrove-mud coasts worldwide.

Mangrove recruitment
(c) Silke Tas