My name is Silke, I have a background in Hydraulic Engineering and I am one of the three PhDs in the BioManCO team.

Coastlines have always been present in my life. I was born in a sailing family and spent an important part of my childhood on my parents’ sailing yacht. While sailing along the coasts of the North Sea and the Channel, I’ve seen a wide variety of coasts, but more importantly, by seeing it from both sea and land side, I started to understand how fragile those coastlines are, and how many people depend on their protection. Combining a never-ending curiosity with this passion for coastlines, I decided to move to the Netherlands for a BSc in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University of Technology, known for its pioneering role in the field of Hydraulic Engineering.

During my studies, I fell in love with the concept of “Building with Nature”, using nature’s strength instead of more classic, hard solutions to provide coastal protection. During my MSc thesis I had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam to study the role of mangrove forests in coastal protection in the Mekong Delta and I was really happy when the BioManCO project gave me the chance to spend four more years to study mangrove forests. Together with Alejandra and Celine, we dove head first into the mud with our shared goal of adding our piece to the puzzle of restoring mangrove forests.